Contract Audits within Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

Contract Audits within Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

We provide services for internal audits, to evaluate and improve your company’s internal control and GDP compliance and/or vendor audits to evaluate your company’s suppliers.

Internal audits

  • We can review premises, policies, procedures, documentation, and others.
  • Following the audit, we can support with recommendations in the implementation process of corrective actions.
  • An internal audit can strengthen the internal processes in your company and enhance the operational outcome.

Vendor audits

  • We can provide auditing services to review your company’s suppliers within GDP, e.g. 3-part wholesaler, transporters, and others.
  • Vendor audits are critical to maintain GDP compliance throughout the supply chain.
  • We can review the suppliers’ quality management practices and through this identify potential risks and areas for improvement.
  • A vendor audit can empower you in making informed decisions with regard to vendor selection and management.

Do not hesitate to contact Mette Hassan or Anne Gyri Gløersen, together we can tailor a plan to support your need for audits!