Responsible Person (RP/FFA) for hire

Responsible Person (RP/FFA) for hire

Mericon AS can offer support to every aspect of your distribution and supply chain, including Contract Responsible Person (RP/FFA).

Benefits of a Contract Responsible Person (RP/FFA)

  • Lack of experienced or qualified personnel in your company. The Contract Responsible Person may be a valuable support and may perform training of on-site staff in your company on a permanent basis, or for a short period of time.
  • Free up time in your company to focus on business instead of managing GDP activities. A Contract Responsible Person will manage the GDP activities, but the management of your company will still be involved.
  • Financial affordable, especially for low turnover companies or new companies.
  • A Contract Responsible Person should be able to design and implement a quality system well suited for your company.

What makes a good RP/FFA?

  • A Contract Responsible Person should have knowledge and experience of GDP and the relevant regulations.
  • A Contract Responsible Person should meet the qualifications and conditions provided by the national legislation.
  • A Contract Responsible Person should be accurate and engaged in your business, to ensure GDP compliance.

How to introduce a Contract Responsible Person?

  • A Contract Responsible Person must be given a good introduction to your company, and receive proper training followed by sufficient seniority and influence.
  • The RP/FFA may delegate task, but not responsibility, for the GDP activities to other employees, as long as they are qualified and proper trained.