Contract Responsible Person (RP/FFA)

Contract Responsible Person (RP/FFA)

Mericon AS can offer support to every aspect of your distribution and supply chain, including Contract Responsible Person (RP/FFA).

What are the benefits?

Lack of experienced or qualified people in your company may be the main reason for using a Contract RP as a valuable support to the existing organisation for a short period of time, or on a permanent basis. The Contract RP may also perform training of on-site staff to qualify a future RP.

A Contract RP can free up time in your company to focus on business activities. When the professional management of GDP activities is performed by a Contract RP, is it essential that management is involved, provide accurate resources, and maintain oversight of GDP compliance.

Before you consider a future permanent employment, a Contract RP may be a cost-effective solution to ensure that your company has qualified personnel available. This can be financial affordable, especially for low turnover companies or start-ups.

A Contract RP will design and implement a quality system well suited for your company

What should you look for in a Contract RP?

A Contract RP should have knowledge and experience of GDP and the relevant regulations, and of course meet the formal qualifications and conditions provided by the national legislation.

The RP is a key member of staff accountable for ensuring that the quality, safety and traceability of medicinal products is maintained within the supply chain.

A Contract RP will design and implement a quality system well suited for your company.

How to introduce a Contract RP?

A Contract RP must be given a good introduction to your company, and receive proper training followed by sufficient seniority and influence.

The RP may delegate tasks (but not responsibility) for the GDP activities to other employees if they are qualified and proper trained.

If you are interested in a Contract RP/FFA, please contact

Anne Gyri Gløersen or Mette Hassan for more information.