Are your Compendium texts (Felleskatalogen) up to date?

Are your Compendium texts (Felleskatalogen) up to date?

The Norwegian Pharmaceutical Product Compendium/Felleskatalogen (FK) is the “number one” information source for medicinal products for all groups of healthcare personnel in Norway1.

Felleskatalogen provides structured, updated and easily available information about pharmaceutical products available on the market in Norway; FK text, SmPC, PIL, RMP material and instruction documents/videos ( The FK text has its own structure and is an abbreviated version of the SmPC.

Mericon has long experience in preparation and updates of FK texts. We can partly or fully act on your behalf and handle tasks in FK SharePoint, including uploading/checking in/out documents, preparation/updating of FK texts, discussions with the editorial staff and FK text sign-off, as appropriate.

Whether you need an FK text, support for a single assignment, assistance during holidays or a long term local regulatory partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

1) Based on user surveillance 2016, The Norwegian Medicines Agency.