FFA for hire

FFA for hire

Mericon AS can offer support to every aspect of your distribution and supply chain, including Contract Responsible Person (RP/FFA).

Benefits of a Contract Responsible Person (RP/FFA)

  • Lack of experienced or qualified people in your company
  • Valuable support for on-site staff in your company and assist in their development.
  • Free up time in your company to focus on business developmental activities instead of managing GDP activities
  • Financial prohibitive, especially for low turnover companies or new start-up companies
  • Cost-effective solution, takes away the need of hiring a permanent employee, resulting in substantial savings

What makes a good RP/FFA?

  • Knowledge of GDP and the relevant regulations
  • Industry experience – relevant GDP experience
  • Induction/primary training – role familiarity
  • Role definition and place within the organisation – sufficient seniority and influence
  • Delegation and training others – The RP is responsible for all GDP activities, even those delegated
  • Training records – RP, Licence Holder and staff
  • Continuing development for the RP – the supply chain continually presents new challenges
  • Implement a quality system tailored to the Licence Holder

Qualifications of our Contract Responsible Person (RP/FFA)

  • Pharmaceutical degree
  • Over 30 years expericence from the pharmaceutical industry
  • Experienced within:
  • Establishing GDP routines/reviewing existing routines
  • Mapping of transport
  • Qualifying suppliers of warehouse/transport services
  • Setting up quality agreements
  • Approval/release of received medical products/Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)